Monday, July 27, 2009

The Real Grey's Anatomy!

So last weekend Jared took his Harley for a ride to Ely with some friends. He came back Saturday and was as red as a lobster and not feeling too chiper. He complained of nausea and was really hot. He took a nap, but wasn't doing much better when he woke up. His hands and feet were ice cold, and he stopped sweating. So I got to drive him down to the ER at the Delta hospital.
Jett came with us and was really excited to see the new and interesting place. Construction was going on so we got to go through a maze of nails, boards, and plastic walls. We finally made it into the ER.
After checking Jared in:
Dr. Jackson was talking to Jared about his heat exhaustion and Jett let out this really big yell. He was very upset that the doctor was not paying attention to him! He got a sticker, goldfish crackers, and a sucker. I wish when I yelled at the doctor I got such good stuff!
Anywho, Jared got pumped full of 3 bags of iv fluids and got lots of drugs to make him feel better. They also had to do blood tests and a chest x-ray. His temp got up to 103.5!!! He ended up being fine but it kinda scared me cuz it took forever for his temp to drop back to normal.

We finally got to go home at midnight. I am really glad that everything was ok. Jared got the next day off work! He is not allowed to go on motorcycle trips anymore.....well not when it is 105 degrees outside!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just not the Same!

So, lately I have been feeling kinda homesick....for Hawaii. Im pretty sure I accidentally was placed in Utah. What was the stork thinking? He must have bumped his head, and made a wrong turn. Anyway, I am already planning my next trip out there. Hopefully this time we get to stay longer. We will have more time at the beach since we dont have to do all the touristy things. Be there done that! I am overly super excited and can't wait to go again. This time I am going to try and overcome my fear of snorkeling. I parasailed just fine, but can't even stick my head in 3 feet of water. Doesn't make any sense! I found some really cool spiderman snorkel gear at the dollar general and I think I might just go pick it up! wish me luck.