Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Bye Chunk

So we had to put our dog, Chunk to sleep yesterday. We got a phone call saying that he had bitten a little boy on the back of the leg. He has never done that before. I wish we would have checked out what happened a little more. Now I think we made the wrong decision. We will miss Chunk alot. This whole thing just really sucks. NO more dogs for me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jett's One Year Old Pics

Jett had these taken a few months ago and I am just slow at getting them on here. He was really cute. He liked to pose for the camera. Then he decided to be silly and he kept running behind the backdrop and playing hide and seek. I can't complain too much cuz for the most part he was really good. Usually he ends up throwing a fit and crying.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Can I help it if I have one of the cutest kids there ever once was? NO! I admitt it, He is so freaking cute. The other day a complete stranger stopped me in the grocery store and said "oh my goodness, he is such a cute child!" then Jett cheesed it at her and she then said "Oh he is even cuter when he smiles! my you are in trouble! of course I said thank you!

Then tonight at oak city days another complete stranger told me how cute he was and made me go show him to her daughter.

Jett loves all this attention. He is such a flirt and show off for the ladies.

I have decided I need a t-shirt that says "dont waste your breath, I know my kid is so Freakin' Cute!" or something to that affect (effect?).

Anyway, I know every parent thinks there kid is cute , but im pretty sure I have one that is model material! Oh and i have to mention he is also a good dancer. He already knows the sprinkler and he taught it to lessons at all!